Why Kids Need To Be Bored

Do you ever get tired of hearing “are we there yet?”  Do you ever sense a feeling of guilt come over you when you don’t structure activities for the kids at all times?  Be free from that guilt that comes when its finally downtime and they come to you for the hundredth time with “I’m bored!”

Lesson in my life: kids that know how to be bored, make good travelers!


1. Boredom takes practice (preferably before your next long car ride.)

2. Boredom helps the mind and prevents anxiety.

3. Unstructured time increases creativity.

How can you train your child to do boredom well?  Start now.  Here’s your answer to the next time they say “I’m bored!” Your response? “Good! Because being bored is good for you.”

Get your children ready to be world travelers now! Limit device time and increase outdoor time. Don’t let their complaining change this!

For more information, check out the article below:


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