Questions American Kids Ask After They’ve Been Out of America Too Long!

My kids were born and raised in Asia.  They know no different but some of the greatest laughs have been seeing America through their eyes when we visit.  Here are some of the classic questions and phrases they have thrown out over the years! These are the top ten ordered in what I think is least to most hilarious.  Comment below if you get a chuckle or two!

10. “What is a pop tart?”

9.” I hate peanut butter, corn dog, and hot dogs!”

8. “Gramma, Do you know how to use a microwave?”

7. “What is Target?”

6. “Why do their babies sleep in another room?”

5. “Why don’t they eat their bugs in America?”

4. Crossing over the Texas to Oklahoma border: “Where is border patrol? How long will it take?”

3. “Why are so many people pregnant?”

2. “Taco Bell is famous!”

1.”Why can’t I pee on the side of the road?”

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6 Comments on “Questions American Kids Ask After They’ve Been Out of America Too Long!

  1. Lol! Love it!
    Your dad might be a dentist or your mom “health conscious” if your kids have ever said:
    “Why can’t we eat candy every day, like other kids?”
    “Mom! There are these awesome meals that come on a tray and you just put the whole thing in the microwave! Why done we eat those?”
    “Why is McDonalds still in business if it’s so unhealthy?”

    Thanks for sharing your funnies! I especially love (and have seen firsthand) the bug & pee comments! 🙂

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