Looking At Life Through a Poor Man’s Lens

As we’ve lived in Asia, some of the greatest experiences is learning from the people.  As Americans, we often think we have all the knowledge.  I have come to realize that true knowledge comes from understanding our Creator and learning from those who have experienced life more than from textbooks (or blogs:)

This past year, we lived near the Bunong hill tribe people.  These are a people that by world standards hold no knowledge, are illiterate, uneducated, and poor. But, they have knowledge and wisdom near extinction.  They are gradually integrating their ways into the Khmer culture surrounding them.  But here are some interesting things we have learned from these new friends.

  1. Resin to start a fire comes from a tree.  With a little heat, you can start a bonfire.

2. Bamboo can be used to cook food over a fire or to make a cup to drink from.


3. Elephants that are loved never need to be chained because they will always return to their family who raised them.  (This also solves the problem of feeding a large elephant but your neighbor’s garden should be protected!)

4. Land is to be shared and cultivated as a community and boundaries cause battles.

5. Immorality effects the whole community not just the individual.

6. The Creator gave us resources to use in moderation but greed destroys man.

What a privilege to know these people and the many things we have learned from them.  I challenge you today to get to know people from other cultures, religions, and economic levels.  Ask them questions.  Let their experiences speak into you.  Please share knowledge you have gained from others that was unexpected.  Check out our website for more!

2 Comments on “Looking At Life Through a Poor Man’s Lens

  1. What a wonderful web site. Marc and Ann, And, what wonderful knoweledge you have gained and now share with so many others. How proud your Mother (and farher) must be. Our prayers are always with you and your family. The good work you do is amazing. 🙏🏻

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