Having Babies Without Babies R Us!

I had 4 babies without needing much of anything. The change from my Western cultural worldview came fifteen years ago when I helped deliver a baby in a refugee camp. She had absolutely nothing. Not a diaper, no clothes, only a cloth to wrap him in. I watched this family over the next year to find that they were happy and healthy. This went against all I learned in nursing school and from simply being an American! So, I was challenged. I made a list of the few essentials and decided to go minimalist delivery and mom. Here is what I thought was essential:

1. Diapers until 1 year then only at night.

2. Three sets of newborn clothes and only 3 sets at each stage.

3. Blanket.

4. A car seat

parents-made-me-do-itMy parents made me do it!!

After natural deliveries, each of my 4 newborns slept with me and my husband and nursed until they were two. All of my children slept in the same room, never had a crib or play pen and are healthy kids today. Why do I share this with you today?  Because this was how most of Asia was raising their babies and I want to free you from the “I’ve gotta have it” trap!  Raise them with the basics.  Keep it simple.  You will have less stress and find the simpler is better.  Share your steps towards minimalism with us!






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