Coffee Stops Across Asia

Coffee Across Asia

Why acoffeewithfriends? What are Marc and Ann doing now? The reason is that “a Coffee with Friends” reminds us of the intimate conversations we’ve had over the years with friends and family. The times of laughter and tears. It brings excitement for the new friendships that will come our way. It also reminds us of the travels throughout Asia and America. This is part 1 of the coffee series.

Today we want to give you a tour. Let our beautiful memories of coffee shops throughout Asia take you and your tastebuds to quaint coffeeshops hidden in the corners of Asia.

First Stop: China

What could be better than home grown processed coffee in the hills of China by the Hani people.  Their coffee is bold, smooth, and rich.


Second stop: Vietnam.  In Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam you can always find the hustling loud coffee shop as early as 5 AM.  Coffee slowly prepared at your table and some of the strongest boldest coffee we have ever tasted. Throw in the sweetened condensed milk and you will burst with energy.


Third Stop: Thailand.  In the hills of Chiang Mai, I stayed 2 months for the birth of my first baby.  What kept us going? Stopping at the Doi Chaang Coffee Shop.  This smooth cup has a natural mocha flavor.


Finally, back to our hometown: In Khmer language of Cambodia one would say “cafe duck da koo duck khak” or iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Delicious coffee served on the side of every road for less than a buck!


Tell us of your coffee journeys in your part of the world!

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