Angkor Wat Discovery

Siem Reap is like no other Asian location.  From Pub Street nightlife to remote jungles filled with wildlife and hidden archeology including Angkor Wat.  These temples still have much to be explored hidden in jungles for centuries. Even the architecture and designs of the explorable temples are not well understood.  Today, we want to feature one.  I am asking you and your opinion on this wonder yet to be explained by archeologists today.


Ta Prohm is a temple built in 1186 A.D. It is one of the most famous temples thanks to Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider, and the fact that it is the most photogenic and interesting temple due to the trees hundreds of years old integrated into the walls of the temple.  But today we are interested in one carving in particular.  The carving pictured below can be found on an interior wall of the Ta Prohm Temple.  This carving appears to be a stegosaurus.


Please comment below and tell us what you think! Did the Khmer people see a live stegosaurus? Do you think they found the bones? Could it be a picture from stories of generations old?  All comments are welcome.  Your opinion matters. Go!

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