Saturday Afternoon Picnic

Does it seem too cloudy or cold to head outside? Don’t let the weather hold you and your family back because the benefits of nature are too many to count!  Think about the last time you spent with your family or friends outside.  It doesn’t require toys to keep the kids happy.  Men can talk and go deeper than football.  Women?  Well, we always need time to talk more! Our spirits are lifted.  It is scientifically proven over and over that nature brings happiness especially during times of pain.  This includes physical, mental, and emotional pain.  Check this out:

“This (healing in nature) is nicely demonstrated in a now classic study of patients who underwent gallbladder surgery; half had a view of trees and half had a view of a wall. The patients with the view of trees tolerated pain better, had fewer negative effects, and spent less time in a hospital.”


Some of our greatest memories have been outside with the kids.  I found that the children fight less, their faces glow as they discover new things, and tend to complain less.

Last year, we were living in the jungles near Vietnam.  We made a date as a family that every Saturday we would drive out somewhere new and have a picnic. This became our favorite day of the week.  It wasn’t easy because every time, I had to cook from scratch.  Where we lived, we had no grocery store to pick up bread but open markets with basics.  So on this day, I got up early to start the dough and make bread.  The bread I made became a family favorite.  I cooked up bacon crispy and stir fried peppers, onion, and garlic.  I than crumbled this into the dough before the second rise.  And, as always, cooked the bread in an iron skillet to insure good heat distribution in our really bad stove!  What came out this day was moist rolls with delicious bacon crunch inside!  Made for a picnic favorite!


How long has it been since you’ve enjoyed a picnic?  Is it cold? Pull out the fleeces and find some open space.  I promise your family will never forget it.

How Do You Think Your Kids Would Do On A Long Trip?

Superman can truly express his powers in wide open space:)
Superman can truly express his powers in wide open space:)


How Do You Think Your Kids Would Do On A Long Trip?

Check out the posts on by Joshua Becker. He has some great advice and perspectives on living on less!

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