A Christmas Miracle

One of my favorite things about living in Asia, is monkeys.  Many of you watched the video of the “attack of the monkey on my hair.” If not, I’ve included this for your viewing pleasure at the bottom of this post!  But, the sad part is that this video is only one of many of my dangerous monkey encounters.  The one that I would like to share today ended in a miracle that saved a life.  It begins with my pet monkey.

pet-monkey-and-i sleeping-monkey


This teenage male macaque pictured above, came with the house we rented and we bonded at once.  In fact, we enjoyed him so much, we (I, with my husband ever warning me) decided to get a female monkey and mate them.  I pictured cute baby monkeys to play with, what could go wrong?


A friend found a female monkey and sight unseen I said that I would take it.  As soon as this monkey arrived and they placed it on my lap, I knew we were in trouble.  The monkey was a full grown adult and was a bit nauseated from the moto ride to my house.  Needless to say, the clothes I was wearing were placed in the trash.  At the beginning, things looked good as they bonded together in our backyard.  But, a few days after their romance began things got bad for me.  The female began to be jealous of me until one day as I went to feed them, she attacked me and bit my hand.  Her teeth went deep into my skin as she grabbed my thumb.  We wrestled until she finally let go and I ran screaming into my home.  With doors slamming behind, she ran around the house looking for a way to attack again. Fortunately for cell phones, Marc returned to the house with back up and we said goodbye to the female monkey.

The female monkey at her new home.

But, as promised, the good news is coming soon so hang in there!  I visited a doctor in the city who prescribed an antiviral that I needed to take but was unavailable in our country and was costly to order.  We decided it was best to spend the money for this medicine.  The day it arrived, I got a phone call from a friend saying that there was a woman who was very ill from high fevers and I needed to see her immediately.  They were afraid that she would die soon.  I picked up my antiviral at the pharmacy and headed to the refugee camp where the sick lady was waiting for me.  I pulled up to see her to find a mother of 3 lying in her bamboo hut with a worried husband next to her.  She had Shingles which is a viral infection all over her skin and her fever was so high that I could feel the heat before entering her hut.

shingles home-of-shingles

I realized that the medicine I just picked up was the exact medicine, dose, and amount she needed.  I gave her the medicine that day and thanked God for the opportunity to be a part of a Christmas miracle not from me but from Him!  Merry Christmas and I hope your Christmas is filled with joy and miracles.

2 Comments on “A Christmas Miracle

  1. That is a great story about the monkey!! Our father is sooo good!! Merry Christmas to your whole family!! Love you ALL!!🎄🎄


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