Top Tips For The Best Challenge You’ll Ever Undertake!

Are you up for it?  I have a challenge for you.  I’ve always taken the dare on truth or dare and I’ve always enjoyed going against the crowd.  But, this is a challenge of proportionally great significance for you.  This challenge will change who you are and may even be the most difficult task you have ever undertaken.  This challenge defies your culture, the day and age you live in, and you may even be persecuted beyond what you can handle.  But, the worst will be your inner voice.  It may cripple you with whispers calling you lazy, neglectful, unsafe, irrational, and maybe even irrelevant as society may not need you when you step away.  Are you ready for the challenge?

Take one day where no one can find you, no one can call you, and you cannot hear anyone else around you.  No phone.  No book.  Just water (or coffee).

“That’s easy!” you might say, but its exactly the circumstance that we are scared of today and avoid at all costs. The quiet, the boredom, the thoughts that may circle around our minds that we’ve spent days, months, even years putting behind.  So why do you need this?  Let me share with you what this challenge from a friend of mine did for me and why I repeat this challenge regularly.

I’ve gone about my day with my rituals and tasks almost mindlessly performed.  In between the obligations come “downtime.” This time is immediately filled with some form of entertainment.  Maybe a hobby such as running (at that time in my life), a game such as Sudoko, scanning through the news, or chatting with friends through social media.  No matter what that time is, my mind is focused elsewhere.

Until 2 things happened that changed my direction.  First, I started not sleeping well as I laid in bed rethinking about the day whether it was what I said or what someone else had done.  Second, I wasn’t hearing from God.  I could remember a time when I would pray and hear Him speak.  But, it had been me alone praying without feeling His presence or hearing Him speak in my heart.  I needed a change, a challenge.  A friend who travels the world and has helped many people shared his secret with me.  Take at least one day and night with nothing in your hands and get alone.

Where? I began these days at local hotels that don’t have tv (I told you no self control!).  Initially, prayer led into a nap, nap led to coffee, and then the real experience began as I was silently meditating on God and asking Him to fill the time. Searching, reflecting, a few answers, songs of worship, a few tears, and happiness followed. A few times, I spent the night there and joined the family after a quiet breakfast.

My best memory of these quiet days is in nature trekking alone.  Most of my treks are busy with many kids and family.  Enjoyable but not quiet!

But when Marc watched the kids and fed them ice cream for lunch, I would head on a walk with a mat and coffee to a lone spot to watch birds and enjoy the peace that I need.


It’s in these moments came my strength, love, patience, wisdom. . .

Don’t miss out! Take on the challenge today and let me know how it goes.  For all of you in Oklahoma today, its perfect weather to slow down and find the peace you need. Complete this challenge and let me know how it changes YOU!


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