How To Make Your Next Appointment The Best Ever

Whether your meeting a client, friend, or family member, you need to change your meeting place from that Starbucks today.  Do you want the next “meet up” to be memorable, conversations go deep, and impactful on all lives involved?  Then, your next appointment or time together should be outdoors. Imagine a business partnership made while walking along a path with birds chirping and the sun rising over the trees.  Or, picture your family taking a brief walk in nature, on a trail, or at the park. Its a good break from the typical evening which may be staring at devices in separate rooms where conversations may or may not develop.

  1. Our personal experience in intimate friendships and family relationships.

We stumbled upon this secret after moving to Mondulkiri.  It seems every one who came our way from Khmer friends, visitors from America, or just like minded folks who were passing through, wanted to catch a glimpse of the beautiful nature found in this province.  So we planned brief hikes in beautiful areas anytime a visitor came through.  As we walk the trails and talk, our conversations become deeper and pauses of quiet are less awkward.  These friendships grow from mere acquaintances into life long friends. Our relationship takes a more significant meaning for all of us.

2. This works no matter where you live

We took this secret to America too. We’ve bonded with family and friends outdoors.  This is more challenging due to the weather changes but there is always an opportunity on a clear day.  Our greatest memories are traveling through national parks with nephews and nieces hiking trail after trail. We’ve also met up with friends at the park or toured a museum with colleagues bringing up wonderful conversations.

3.  Plan the next group meeting in an outdoor environment.

We’ve also recently moved our meetings outside.  This has been hard for us to get use to due to the barriers of sound, wind, cold, and electricity.  But, when discussing issues such as leadership, healing, resolving conflict, or guidance from God, outside is the best setting for a get together.

Our most recent outdoor meeting at a pavilion.

4.  This is natural for most people in this world.

Despite the cold weather in France, many people meet up at parks and walk together while they talk.  Together they find an outdoor seating restaurant to finish their conversations outside.

Indoor environments have only become available this past century for many people in the world. Throughout Europe and Asia, despite the changes of weather, they commonly meet outdoors for a walk or at the local park.

What could this look like for you?  Should you wait for summer to see it happen?  Is the cold weather holding you back?  Could you take a walk at a nearby nature park?  Maybe there is a greenhouse in the city you live in? Is there a restaurant with outdoor seating? Please share your ideas in your hometown!

Leave it to me to get a little too close to nature! While enjoying your walk with friends or family, keep distance between yourself and the wild animals!

I’d like to say that I was the first to think of this idea, but you can read more here: Why You Should Move Your Next Meeting Outside to find out the benefits this change can have for you!



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