7 Ways That Play Can Change Your Life

What percent of your day do you feel stress?  Why should you laugh, play, and find humor when this world is so stressful?  When surrounded with concerns about our government, money, relationship issues, and work, how in the world can you find the time and place to laugh?  After feeling crushed then burned out, I discovered the truth about laughter.  I’ve found that laughter, humor, and play must be a part of my life each day in order for me to be physically, spiritually, and mentally healthy!  After reading these reasons why, you will realize this too. Of course, if you feel your quality of life is as high as possible, that you spend most of your days laughing already, and you never seem to struggle with stress, then please email me so I can have you write some blogs for all of us! Or we will call you a pathologic liar!:) For all others, read on. . .

Seven Reasons Why Laughter Is So Important For You

  1. Laughing makes you smarter and more successful.  
  2. You get fresh perspectives on issues in your life when you laugh everyday.
  3. Humor increases pain tolerance. By increasing endorphins!
  4. Laughing helps you sleep.  It increases melatonin at night.
  5. Relationships last longer if there is play, especially marriage.
  6. Life is longer with play.
  7. Quality of life is rated higher with play.

To read more, you can check out these articles here (of course after your done reading this blog!) How being playful can help you live better.  6 scientifically proven reasons to laugh more!


After living in Asia for 16 years, I have realized that happiness has so much to do with perspective.  We have met Asians who have nothing; no water, food, nor healthcare but we watched them laugh and enjoy humor.

Find something funny because its always there.  How can you take a lighter approach to the things that stress you out?  Humor and play isn’t the same for all people so find out what kind of humor fits you, your spouse, and your children.  Psychologists reveal the 4 types of play personality Play personality can fit 4 different categories:


After all this evidence, many of you are still saying that you cannot find laughter and humor in your life.  Maybe its the job your in, marriage issues, or your just not “one of those people.”  But remember that all people can laugh and you deserve a life of healing from hurts.

A good laugh heals a lot of hurts. — Madeleine L’Engle

6 Comments on “7 Ways That Play Can Change Your Life

  1. Awwww. I was hoping for a joke to help me laugh to prove your point, I could use one today.

    On an unrelated topic, I love the layout of your blog. Very beautiful and easy to navigate!

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