Asia through The Eyes of an American Child

It caught my attention years ago, traveling in 100 degrees heat with a broken air conditioner while stuck in traffic in an Asian city.  I was just trying my best to hold myself together when I looked into the backseat to find 4 very sweaty red faced children.  “Hold on a bit longer guys. I think its breaking up now.”  But I knew better.  I sat and listened to the youngest looking out the window talking quietly to himself.  I asked what he was looking at.  “Mom, I love living here,” he said.  “This city is so pretty.”  I looked out to see what in the world good that he could be seeing on this miserably hot day!  It was piglets piled on the back of a moto.  “Do you think thats pretty?”  “Mom! All baby animals are pretty but only here we can see them in the middle of the road!”  I realized he was right.  Though it was Hot, we had just bought cut and peeled mangos along the road, the views around our car are never boring, and the people smile at us as we drive by.

Not saying its humane, just saying we saw it!

Our goal for 2017? Learn to appreciate what is front of us now.  Learn to be content with what we have and where we are.  Learn to open our eyes constantly to the blessings in front of us each day.

The picture below is a favorite.  It reminds me what my children don’t see, IF taught to appreciate the world around them.


Children take in what is around them. They feel the world with all of their senses.  (Sometimes to their detriment.)  But, they also follow my lead.  How many times have I yelled “turn off the devices!” while staring at my own.  I’m learning to enjoy silence.  I’m teaching them to enjoy silence.  I’m learning to be bored without feeling guilty.  I’m teaching them to be bored without complaining.  I’m learning to love all people.  I’m teaching them to love all people.  And, we are all learning to be content wherever we dwell in this world.

“Let nothing disturb you,

Let nothing frighten you,

All things are passing away:

God never changes.

Patience obtains all things

Whoever has God lacks nothing;

God alone suffices.”

— St. Teresa of Avila

Where are you at on this journey?  Please share with me what it is you are learning now.

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20 Comments on “Asia through The Eyes of an American Child

  1. Hi Marc and Ann, u both r beautiful people and I so loved your awesome heart touching post, you have written it so well and I agree wholeheartedly with your words and your beautiful children too r looking angels in the picture. Yes God never changes and he is always there for us we have not understood him. Your positivity and how we need to live each and every day loving everything and everyone is beautiful. Thanks 🙏👌👌👌👌👌


    • Thank you Kamal! Your comment made my day. I have learned positivity from a dark period in my life. I hope to lift others through darkness by encouraging positivity, being present, and leaning on God. Thank you!

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      • Welcome dear and we all go through a life like this suffering for God to show us a right way and then there is no looking back cause he is our guide and master. This is the reason that I too want to spread his love and happiness and what best platform then WordPress and so many people can get to know his words. I too love this type of the Lords words, He is the only one who is guiding us, there is no one besides him.

        Have a blessed day and a happy weekend too.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


  2. I just read this post to the kids as we’re making pancakes. It’s the same challenge as a parent in rural Oklahoma. Be content in all situations. Realize that God is doing a good work in and through you in all the events of your day. Jen and I were talking about that just this morning with our oldest daughter, Emma. Have a great day out there. Thanks for sharing some good, inspiring truth. The kids loved the pic of the pigs on the moto.

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    • Thats what I love about Carlton Landing! Everyone needs a place for quiet, deeper community, and getting back to nature with family! Thank you.


    • Restlessjo, been at that tired end before but rest followed by changing it up a bit helped me!😉 If you don’t mind me asking, where are writing from? Thank you for stopping by, don’t be a stranger!


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