6 Things I Learned Eating With Asians

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Eating is an adventure in Asia and there is so much to share I want to burst! But I’ve limited myself to my favorite 6.  Make sure you follow my blog because soon comes food preparation which is interesting for anyone who likes to eat.

First, why.  Why seek out foods from other cultures?  Research shows that variety and not monotony is important in eating for several reasons: it feels good, challenges our minds, and strengthens relationships through experience! To read more about variety check out this article in Prevention: http://www.prevention.com/eatclean/eating-same-foods-everyday

6 Lessons We Can All Learn From Asians

Nothing Goes To Waste

Fish on a plate is very common throughout Asia, some of the best meat is in the skull and the eyeballs.
Animal innards from liver, heart, to intestines of a cow or pig are eaten as delicacies.


Food Should Be Convenient

One of my favorite things about Asia is buying fruits along the side of the road. They even cut it right there for you!
I will say that I stand out at a bit at the markets here especially when I start speaking their language!
Streets of Hong Kong lined with food shops and bakeries.

Protein Comes Big and Small

There are so many more protein sources than what I was taught! Bug, spiders, flying insects, duck eggs, grubs, and if you close your eyes their not bad!
Fish of all sizes but the title ones are the most common. They eat the bones and all! These are sold along our streets everyday.

The Louder The Smacking The Better: no pics, just saying!

Eat More Often

Most Asians eat many small meals throughout the day. A common snack is snails with spicy stuff, my daughters favorite!

Community, the best lesson of all was learned my first year.  I noticed the Khmer making curry and crushing fresh spices by hand along with garlic and peppers.  Feeling for them, a friend bought them a food processor.

A grind stone to grind rice.

They turned it on and watched the blade spin with utter fear, looked at us and said “we like sitting and crushing spices together.”  The food processor never got used.  I learned a lot through that.  They sit all afternoon together and make food while talking about issues or husbands and laughing the entire time.  Food is community in Asia and not just eating it.

Could we cook together more often? How do you feel about cooking with others? In America, I feel a bit awkward but natural here in Asia. Lets poll and see.

I often get asked, “what is the strangest thing you’ve eaten in Asia?” I would have to say Porcupine!

Stir fried porcupine and peppers.

Explore your world and tell me, what is something strange you have eaten?




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