How To Travel Overseas When You Have No Money

When asking friends and family why they don’t travel, the answer we get back is “I have no money.”  If that’s you, give us the chance to convince you otherwise!

There are 2 keys to traveling with no money: Flexibility and Prioritization.

If you are flexible and plan to travel alone or with others who are flexible.  You are on your way out the door.  Second of all is prioritization.  The travel will have to become priority over whatever it is you are choosing to spend your money on right now.

So, are you willing to walk this path with us? Your going to be shocked at how many resources there are these days!

Ready To Fly?.png

Overcoming The Financial Barrier is easier than you think!

Where Will I Stay?

beautiful pool with malachi.jpg

How Will I Pay For Travel?

Cry throu.png
The good thing about flights is that there is an end!

How Do I Eat On A Budget Overseas?

Eat Their Food!  Stay away from the western joints and eat where the locals eat.  Find a friend and offer to pay a meal at their home.
  • Cook your own food.  This is the best way to travel on a food budget.
  • Pay little to eat in locals homes.  There is even a website coordinating this effort but we have found that with a few dollars offered, many locals would love to have you over for dinner. Eat With Locals International

Waiting For The Next Chapter Of Your Life To Begin? Start Fresh:

Ann at Jungle temple.jpg
Exploration often leads to self discovery.  Have you given yourself a chance to do this?
  • You can even be paid to go overseas! There are many jobs overseas or long term volunteer opportunities: English teaching, Guesthouses and restaurants, travel agents, marketing, or whatever your skill might be from nurse, lawyer, to business. There are several websites with job postings but here is one to check out: Jobs Overseas
  • Work on a farm from sheep herding to planting gardens. Jobs on Farms International
  • Student scholarships are becoming more popular as American universities expand overseas and so do partnership with universities. You can even study for free at some schools. Top 10 Places American Students Choose To Study Abroad

Don’t let anything hold you back from discovering this world.  Traveling is one of the best ways to develop yourself, learn about other cultures, meet others, be refreshed, and figure out your next steps.  If your ready to make your dreams come true, then what is the next step? For more information, visit the travel hack pros at And, please share where it is that you want to go next!


4 Comments on “How To Travel Overseas When You Have No Money

  1. Great post! I have been waiting to travel for the longest time now and somehow I always seem to talk myself out of it because of money. Having 3 kids doesn’t help as am always thinking of how I can make this happen with all of us and the cost. If you have any tips on traveling as a family for less please that as well. Thanks 😊

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    • Thank you S-Bad! I applaud you for realizing the importance of traveling as a family. I have 4 kids and understand the cost is high! I have a few tips: book room on airbnb and choose rooms that allow your kids to sleep on the floor. Second, cheapest flights are often found on AirAsia and other smaller airlines. Lastly, save for the trip as a family. For my kids, we skipped buying presents at Christmas last year and choose to use the money for a trip. Their grandparents have them a money gift to help with the cost. I encourage you to make you plans and do it! Your family will ❤️ you for it!

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      • Thank you so much for your tips, I have screen shot everything you wrote and will work on it. I never really thought about involving the family in saving up for our trip. This is something new that changes everything for me. Really appreciate you taking the time to write back to me🙏

        Liked by 1 person

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