When It Rains It Pours. . . Or Does It?

Recently circumstances are not as I have wished.  The puppy died suddenly, a disagreement broke out unexpectedly, and stressful demands have been placed in front of me.  I found myself saying “when it rains, it pours.”  Then I begin to think, how do I feel when I say this to myself?  Fearful, apprehensive, and waiting for the worst.  It’s a downward spiral I’ve found in myself before.  It’s these kinds of beliefs that hold us back in life.  Hurdles, pains, and difficult seasons come but they also go.  The fact is that painful events can often put us on alert for more painful events leaving us feeling as if there is some black cloud over our head or a curse.

The truth being that a hard event often leaves me feeling weak.  I expect too much of myself following these kinds of events instead of allowing myself the rest that need.  When I don’t get the silence and rest, everything feels like a burden.  Then the saying fills my head “when it rains it pours.”

These days the media, conversations among friends, and even our favorite TV shows play into this lie.  Bad after bad after bad leaves us waiting for . . well, the bad.  But truth says that there is more good out there then the bad but our minds often cling to the bad intensifying its impact.

world getting better
This info graph shows that most world issues are improving.

So, when I reflect in quiet on my life.  I too realize that I tend to intensify the negative when in reality am surrounded by good.  Difficult seasons come and go, sadness doesn’t stay forever, and there is no curse. Like this info graph, I too am a thumbs up.

Here are several strategies to apply to increase happiness in your life when hard times hit.  As always, I will only share with you the ones that I’ve tried and work.

1. In the immediate, you need calm perspective.  A time to pray, meditate, think straight before you face the world again.

Get alone as soon as possible until you feel a peace and calm.

2. You know who they are.  They know who you are.  You need them and to talk about what’s bothering you.

Get alone as soon as possible until you feel a peace and calm.

3. Something in you will want to pull away, stay home, not pick up the phone but resist the temptation.  This is the time to pull your love ones closer and not push them away.

recover togerther not seperate

4. What you believe is so important during trials.  It’s what comes to surface when you suffer.  You can choose to believe in what you know is best and what you know you need.  Believing is not a feeling but rather choosing to accept.

Most importantly, believe that your life was created for great things and pain is temporary and necessary in that plan.


13 Comments on “When It Rains It Pours. . . Or Does It?

  1. So sorry to hear you’ve endured a perfect storm of painful/frustrating events. When I saw your introductory photo and sentences, my first thought was a reminder of one of my favorite quotes “Some people feel the rain, most people just get wet.” – which I’ve taken to mean that we get to choose how we interpret life’s circumstances.

    But sometimes, when we are trapped under the deluge, getting wet is all we got. Love that you lead us along your path to restoring balance and peace when these trails confront you.

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    • Thank you Gabe! I’ve been through enough storms to know it passes. In the past I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression. It’s amazing how writing in my difficult circumstances helps to heal. Especially when a supportive friend like you reads it!

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    • Totally Anna! Without God I would not been able to step forward at all! I say meditation but some people do meditate without thinking about Him. I will remember to put Him on top next time. Thank you!!

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  2. What a thoughtful post. Yes, some times are better than others but how we react is significant to our well being. Sometimes in the midst it is hard to see but having a plan as you have laid out is insightful. Thank you.


    • Thank you! It sounds like you have experienced both the good and bad. I’ve found that the plan does help for faster recovery. Thank you for stopping by!


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