How I Went From No Energy To Explosive Energy

Coming out of depression and anxiety was both exciting and exhausting.  I was no longer depressed and felt the joy of each sunrise but I was also weak.  I still struggled to get out of bed. I had gone from a marathoner pre-depression to not even wanting to take a walk. I did my normal obligations such as homeschool kids, help run our NGO, and help those in need but I didn’t have the energy to care for myself like I wanted to.  I knew I needed to make some changes but I didn’t really want to or know how to change.

If your still with me, I assume you relate to what I’m talking about.  I also assume you have little energy to stay with me much longer, so I’ll get to the point quick!

I shared this problem with a friend I’ve know for years and told her that “I just think I’m getting old.”  She said “that is not true.  Many people your age have found a natural daily kick to get their energy back.”  She recommended this and I finally listened:

Take Plexus

I don’t know why I waited so long to try it.  From day 1 of drinking the pink drink, I began to want to do things.  I did my daily activities with an extra kick.  I was so surprised that I suggested my husband do Plexus with me.  He too felt an extra kick of energy and can share his story with you later.  We read the ingredients to see if it was chalked full of junk only to find it was all natural.  We continue daily with 1 pink drink, probiotic, and Bio cleanse by Plexus. No longer do we need 3 cups of coffee, a sweet tea, or a coke to get us through the day.  We don’t want those things anymore.

Drink Water

I began drinking 8 glasses of water a day.  My motivation for this was not energy but healthier looking skin (I’m vain, I know).  I read about how 8 glasses of water helps decrease wrinkles, keeps you healthy, and makes eyes look more alert.  It did.  But, it also helped me wake up in the morning with more energy as I keep a bottle by my bed and drink it first thing.

Short and Sweet Exercise

After Plexus, I was on a roll.  I finally had the energy to begin jogging every morning for just 15 minutes.  I feel my legs are stronger and I am rarely out of breath.  This small bit of exercise has lifted my spirits and I feel good about myself again instead of weak.  On days that I’d rather not get out, I do a 7 minute routine that really works at getting overall strength back. The 7 Minute Workout

Morning Meditation and Prayer

Morning meditation and prayer are key to gaining energy all day.  Relaxing the mind, asking for supernatural strength, and giving our concerns to God eases our mind into the day.  It clears us of our worries so that we don’t carry a spiritual burden throughout the day.  To read more: Meditation As The Foundation Of My Spiritual Walk: Part 1


Don’t skimp on it!  Get 8 hours.  Begin a nightly relax routine that starts 1 hour before bed and does not include devices!  You can do it.  It is worth it.  For motivation, Read this awesome book!

Get Out!

Get into nature often! Did you know that cancer patients who have a window overlooking nature recover faster than those who do not?  What does that say about us?  We need to take in creation often in order to feel the peace, calm, and energy to face our stress.  To read more: Saturday Afternoon Picnic

If All This Exhausts You To Even Think About it. . .

Begin with Plexus.  The truth is that I love to travel, to talk until I’m out of breathe, to run around with my kids and not slow down.  I feel like I got my life back and dropped 10 years off.  If you want to get started too, you can either email me or order Plexus TriPlex Combo yourself by going to this site.  You will get all your money back if you don’t like it up to 2 months.  So you can’t lose.  For a discount, email or contact me.  Plexus Order Page

Do you feel like your missing out on energy in your life?  I recommend you start with Plexus, drink 8 glasses of water, sleep 8 hours, and get into a morning routine of self care that includes prayer and brief exercise!  I would love to talk if you have any questions or comments! To learn more, read the next blog about how to save on Plexus! How Do I Save On Plexus?

Read more to make money from home: How To Make Money From Home

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15 Comments on “How I Went From No Energy To Explosive Energy

  1. Agree! I remember being active then turning into a blob. It happened before I realized it and finding the motivation to change it was even harder than I knew how to handle. I also found Plexus and wowzers! What a change!
    I whole heartedly believe that God knew my will power was not gonna cut it and He directed me to natural products to help me get my life back.
    I’m so happy you found it too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amy, there are so many of us out there. I heard of Plexus many times but for some reason just thought it was a gimmick. I was shocked to see how natural it is and how many lives it has changed. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. A nice list, step by step. Good advice! Though I’m not sure what plexus is and don’t think its available where I am, I guess its a similar step as “take what gets you moving safely” and roll on from there? I love your step of getting out into nature as well as daily prayer and meditation. Did you know that tree walking is actually prescribed by doctors in Japan?

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  5. Great words and advice Ann. I have heard of Plexus though haven’t looked into it. Totally agree with all of your tips, where I fall down is using devices too close to bedtime.

    Liked by 1 person

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