Clichés I Cling To!

As a teen and a woman in my 20’s, I honestly did not believe that wisdom comes with age.  I thought what I knew was enough and didn’t need the input of others.  Wow, thank God He knew what I needed and didn’t give me what my arrogant self deserved!  This got me thinking.  What if I could summarize my greatest life lessons in a short swallowable piece that even a millennial can chew!

Not only are honest, transparent life “clichés” or quotes important for others but it is also important to say who we are in brief pieces.  It keeps us from the temptation to behave as the culture and world around us defines us.  I pattern my life daily after the Bible as its words change me and from that source I have compiled my most important pieces that help keep me focused on my goals in life.  Honestly? I believe your favorite quotes and clichés say a lot about you too!

There are many ways that I have changed to become a better, happier, healthier, and easier to live with person these days but for fun I will sum them up in 10 of my favorite clichés!

1. Actions DO speak louder than words.

Eli with baby
We say we love but our arms and legs must move towards the needs of others for them to feel that love.

2. One must “peel back the layers of the onion” to really know someone.

Michael James described it best in his book The ABC Model For Personal Growth And Self Discovery. We all have layers with some deeper than others.  To live intimate whole-hearted lives that impact others, we must peel back layers with time, patience, and love.

Peeling Back Layers

3. I will be “out-of-pocket” these days.

Why is this cliché important in my life?  I control my time and nobody on this earth should be in control of my time.  This freedom keeps me from burnout and allows God to control my calendar.  With technology pulling the needs of the world into our every minute, boundaries must be set.

4. Doing less is doing more.

I will resist the tempo of the day and age I live in and walk at the pace I need to walk at.  Why? Because I want to stop and smell the flowers (or kiss the 96-year-old elephant) on the way.

kissing an old elephant

5. The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday.

We know not to compare ourselves with others.  We look through friends post on Facebook and Instagram and we know to celebrate their successes and agree that not all is being revealed on their timeline.  Comparison is the thief of all joy.  But, there is still a small voice that creeps inside of us. The more time we spend looking at others lives, the more we think that this is the standard for our own.  Then we sit with phone in hand and Bible next to us.  Sometimes I think that I believe the Bible will enter me by osmosis.  Do you?  I often act that way.  How do we break the small voice inside of us comparing ourselves with others?  By filling our mind with truth throughout each and every day.  Music, Bible, positive words, are all ways to refresh and remind ourselves of who we are.

“A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” Zen Shin

 6. Positivity is the key to longevity.


Check out this article for some life changing perspective! 100 Year Olds Say A Positive Outlook is The Key To A Long Life

No-one can resist a smile and a smile on the outside can change our heart.  Rejoicing in everything and choosing joy as my continuous state has revived me many a times and will until the day I die.

7. It’s a matter of time.

Time does heal wounds. I’ve learned to keep my mouth shut and wait and see.  I’ve learned that often the best response is to be patient but often the hardest thing to do.  I’ve learned that quiet presence can heal others more than my mouth.

8. Don’t throw him/her under a bus.

Blaming others for our situation or judging others in their situation shows immaturity, lack of faith, and a judgmental character that will make you a very lonely person.

9. It is what it is.

Lecrae is right. We have to accept what we cannot change and go on.  Though this is not a polite cliché to say to others it is often one I say to myself.  I pray that if you could walk away today with any change from reading this blog it would be this quote and reflection on from who this quote originated.

serenity prayer

Reinhold Niebuhr’s quotes are some of the most powerful and impactful quotes of the day.  From presidents to alcoholics anonymous, many lives have been changed.  His serenity prayer about acceptance is a prayer that I’ve prayed and meditated on many times. To read more, don’t miss this article: Five Things You Should Know About Reinhold Niebuhr.

10. Don’t stir the pot!

This cliché will save you from a lot of heartache and stress!  Another way to say it is “mind your own business.”  I’ve learned that being a peacemaker in ALL situations possible is the best place to be! dont-mind-me-iamiust-stirring-the-pot-com-17878785

What About Clichés in Other Cultures?

Looking at various proverbs, quotes, and clichés can reveal a lot about one’s culture and beliefs.  One of my favorite Cambodian proverbs is ចេះមកពីរៀន មានមកពីរក។ which means “You learn from studying; you gain from hard work.”

Another interesting Cambodian proverb revealing much about their belief in karma and current crisis is as follows. . .

វើល្អបានល្អ ធ្វើអាក្រក់បានអាក្រក់។

(Do good, get good.  Do bad, get bad.)

This ancient proverb has recently been changed to sarcastically describe corruption in the modern world:

វើល្អបានល្អ ធ្វើអាក្រក់បានលុយ។

(Do good, get good.  Do bad, get money.)

I find these last 2 quotes very interesting.  The first quote about doing bad or bad sounds like a good quote to live by.  But, think about what you are saying about others.  If they are experience multiple bad events in life, does it mean that they were bad and so deserve it?  Of course not.  Therefore, we have to be careful what we quote.

An American cliché to change?

There are also clichés in American culture that I would like to see changed.

“Pick yourself up by your bootstraps!” describes our individualism to a fault.   While “we can’t help everyone” excuses our lack of willingness to help another in need. Here is my addition to this cliché:

“We can’t help everyone. . . but everyone can help someone.”

Share your favorite clichés or quotes in the comments here and lets see what pearls or wisdom we can pass on to others!









7 Comments on “Clichés I Cling To!

  1. You are wise! Love this post… there are a lot of cliches I don’t like as well. One I love… “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It reminds me never to judge another and to hear the whole story (the back, shadowy story) of who they are and why they do the things they do. One I hate… “What goes around comes around.” Not in God’s economy. He is filled with mercy and grace, mostly when we don’t deserve it. He can make beauty from ashes and sometimes, He just steps in and redeems. I just learned that powerfully this week when I visited my friend in prison who had murdered her husband. She is being renewed and redeemed. 🙂 You can check out a bit of her story at my blog…

    Have a great day! And thank you. Am enjoying your blog!

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  2. This is a great post and reminder to me personally. I do believe in each and every one of these statements but need reminding from time to time. Thank you 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Be open minded and don’t feel like every christian is a hypocrite! Christians are sinners saved by the Grace of GOD!!


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