How to help Christian workers around the world

What great insight from this friend of mine. Do you want to know how to better support Christian workers on the other side of the world? Read more!

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I often think of my friends across the world that work full-time to spread the Gospel.  They have the same struggles and worries that I have: how to raise their kids to be kind, what to fix for dinner, how to make time for their spouse….BUT they live in a country that is not culturally Christian.  I would never say that the USA is full of Christians, but it is accepted.  I don’t have to worry about being arrested because of my religion.  And if I need fellow Christians to encourage me, I can go to a church just down the street and find many.
Whenever I think of them I pray for their safety, their family, and their ministry.  But very rarely do I tell them.  I wish I was better at encouraging them.  But I honestly didn’t know how.  I decided to ask several of my friends overseas…

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