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How to help Christian workers around the world

Originally posted on Brave Introvert:
I often think of my friends across the world that work full-time to spread the Gospel.  They have the same struggles and worries that I have: how to raise their kids to be kind, what to fix for dinner,…

Clichés I Cling To!

As a teen and a woman in my 20’s, I honestly did not believe that wisdom comes with age.  I thought what I knew was enough and didn’t need the input of others.  Wow, thank God He knew what I needed and didn’t give…

It’s Okay to Not be Okay: Broken-Heartedness as a Believer

Vulnerability and inspirational healing from a friend who has endured pain and choose surrender: Tallie Thompson There is nothing that makes you feel lonelier than being rejected by someone who you love. Loneliness is one of the Devil’s favorite tools to use against a…

Dirty On The Outside; Clean On The Inside

When we moved to Cambodia, God as He always does, showered us with an unexpected blessing: dirt, less access to medicine, and no processed foods.  Today, we get to reflect on this lesson and share this unexpected healthy lifestyle with you! Our first few…

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