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Family Vacationing Well: Teaching Kids To Persevere

Before you say that we are the worst parents ever! Please know that my son Eli watched this video and gave us permission to use it.  Why? Because he knows what we know.  We’ve all had that kind of a day and often they…

Healing from The Mountains: Pain from Rejection and Hope For Healing.

Doi Suthep Mountain in Chiang Mai is where the story hit bottom emotionally, as we ascended upward.  No good story can begin without a good cup of coffee.  The secret in Thailand for good coffee is to always assure your getting the real thing….

Coffee Stops Across Asia

Coffee Across Asia Why acoffeewithfriends? What are Marc and Ann doing now? The reason is that “a Coffee with Friends” reminds us of the intimate conversations we’ve had over the years with friends and family. The times of laughter and tears. It brings excitement…

How Do You Think Your Kids Would Do On A Long Trip?

Take this quiz to find out!

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