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Clichés I Cling To!

As a teen and a woman in my 20’s, I honestly did not believe that wisdom comes with age.  I thought what I knew was enough and didn’t need the input of others.  Wow, thank God He knew what I needed and didn’t give…

I’m Glad I’ve Suffered Because of Love

Suffering hurts but I am glad that I have suffered and wouldn’t change the bad things that happened to me.  I’d like to share why. Suffering has brought friendships deeper and surrounded me with the real friends who truly care and love me. Suffering…

Visit These Places To Get Close With Endangered Animals in Asia

But hurry, because they may not be there in the near future! Why I’m writing this article: The time is now because it won’t be much longer until these opportunities will likely pass just like its passing for the slow loris pictured above. (Picture…

Having Babies Overseas: Tourist Turns Native

Now that we have some old and new friends to join us on our blogging journey, we would like to share a bit of our lives with you!  The most unusual part of our lives is that we have 4 kids all birthed and…

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