A Coffee With Friends: The Store

This is where we showcase the great products that have taken us so far! Click on the picture to purchase it for your next trip.

I may forget my underwear. Leave town without deodorant, but I guarantee you I won’t forget these 5 things!

  • Sleeping in different beds, dry cool air, smog and mold, all of these environmental conditions can leave damage to my eyes.  I often wake with wrinkles and bags in places around my eye that I didn’t even knew existed!  Until I found Reborne eye.  It begins working instantly to make my eyes look younger.

  • The Joey Jacket: When I travel, I never like to carry a purse.  I want my hands free.  The Joey Jacket is a stylish way to carry what you need in hidden pockets.  Check it out!
  • Going to Asia? Ladies don’t leave home without one of these! No worries about dressing inappropriate or offensive to the culture as this skirt is the skirt worn by professional Asians and shows great respect for their culture. It is also perfect for countryside trips where they may or may not have a bathroom available.  This skirt provides privacy and can be easily worn over shorts.



3 Comments on “A Coffee With Friends: The Store

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