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What did I say when given the opportunity to move to the jungles of Cambodia away from civilization surrounded by waterfalls, elephants, and hill tribe people.  “Yes!” But, one caveat, I would have to homeschool my 4 children.  To some of you elementary ed grads, thats a slice of pie but not me.  I am a nurse practitioner and love helping the sick, working, and sending kids to school.  Don’t get me wrong, I like my kids but each day sending them to school is a pleasure.  So I never pictured myself having the patience to be with my kids all day long.  I mean half of the time I have to play the most dreaded mother role: referee.  So a year ago with hesitation and fear, we moved.  I began homeschooling my kids.  With no supplies, I didn’t know where to begin.  Fortunately I found a wonderful website:  This is an already prepared and tried curriculum for homeschool that is free, yes free!  Its easy to use and all online including the books and did I mention it was free.  So I got started and I want to share with you the advantages I found in homeschooling this past year.

  1. Because of the structure and classroom setting, it really is manageable and playing referee happened a lot less than I had anticipated.
  2. I got to watch my kids: learn to read, learn algebra, memorize the times table and I felt pride that I had done it!
  3. When I didn’t know a topic, youtube, Khan academy, or google did!
  4. I got to learn American History with them! I didn’t value that education when I was young but this time around it was fun.
  5. They are smart.  They got smarter and did well on tests, they liked learning and didn’t dread it (much), and I got to assist them in learning at their pace instead of at a schools pace.
  6. It was much easier than I thought it would be.
  7. There is so much support on FB and online forums these days.
  8. My kids didn’t miss school much in fact they enjoyed the freedom.  WE even did school at a swimming pool, hotels, and even a waterfall one day.
  9. Although I feared their social well being, I found that their interactions with each other, with us, and with neighbors improved and their social needs were met.
  10. They got my one on one attention.  This freed me from the mommy guilt I had experienced before, and they became better kids because of the attention they got from me.

I know that homeschooling is not for everyone, but do consider these advantages when an opportunity comes for you to travel with kids!  Don’t let a school slow you down.

Share your comments here! Are you homeschooling or would you ever consider it?

Sending My Son To an Earthquake Zone

On Saturday, April 25, 2015 a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake had hit Nepal and the country was devastated.  Our organization had the opportunity to go and help establish a clean water filter factory to help those in need of water.  He was 11 at the time and Marc had a trip scheduled to Nepal. My son wanted to go but we knew it was not yet “safe.”  I said yes and this is why I did.  My son at 11 already told us that he wanted to help those in need.  To live in a place where people are in need and have the skills to help them.  He is a natural leader and wants his life to be purposeful.  So I sent him and it rocked his world.  He saw homes devastated and people sleeping on the streets.  He felt the pain of not being able to travel due to gas shortages and meet those whose lives were destroyed.  He felt their hopelessness and this confirmed his call.  He was born to make a difference and will never settle for less!  The risk was worth it!

“If you play it safe in life you’ve decided that you don’t want to grow any more.”

– Shirley Hufstedler

Why Kids Need To Be Bored

Do you ever get tired of hearing “are we there yet?”  Do you ever sense a feeling of guilt come over you when you don’t structure activities for the kids at all times?  Be free from that guilt that comes when its finally downtime and they come to you for the hundredth time with “I’m bored!”

Lesson in my life: kids that know how to be bored, make good travelers!


1. Boredom takes practice (preferably before your next long car ride.)

2. Boredom helps the mind and prevents anxiety.

3. Unstructured time increases creativity.

How can you train your child to do boredom well?  Start now.  Here’s your answer to the next time they say “I’m bored!” Your response? “Good! Because being bored is good for you.”

Get your children ready to be world travelers now! Limit device time and increase outdoor time. Don’t let their complaining change this!

For more information, check out the article below:

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