Lessons in Bathing an Elephant

What did I learn from bathing an enormous, bristly, wet creature?

1. Peace comes from taking in nature, especially BIG nature.
2. Risk is usually worth it.
3. Kids need it.
4. The more senses you can pull into your experiences, the better.
5. Comfort comes at a cost. Get dirty!

Why Jump When You Can Flip? 

We all stop at some point. There’s more to be had and achieve. Have you stopped dreaming, you know, imagining where you could be? Physically are you stopping short of what your body can do? Spiritually, the hurdles have made a walk look much better than that run. You use to dream about success but does it seem unattainable? Comment here and tell us what and where should you be learning to flip instead of the jump!


Raising Brave Kids

One of the greatest joys in life is to watch my children from a young age become more and more brave, adventuresome, curious, and well just being kids.  Let me share with you some of the keys of success in raising brave kids.

  1. Take care of your fears first because your kids will feed from your fear or your willingness to face the challenge.
  2. Surround your family with opportunities.  Its not going to happen when your Saturdays and vacation days are in your living room.
  3. View nature as a gift to you and your kids.
  4. Make exercise a family event and not individual.
  5. Don’t feel you have to structure it but be spontaneous.  Let nature be the guide.

Family as the Social Network

Often people ask us, “What were some of the greatest lessons you learned from raising your family in an isolated location?” There are lots of answers to this question but one stands out above them all.  The first is this: family is enough to teach our kids to socialize.  It really is!  Often in Western culture we think that our kids “need” soccer, boys clubs, school, etc for them to function in todays world.  But remember back to your earliest years.  Who had the greatest impact on you?  Often it is a parent, grandparent, cousin, or brother.  Feel confident in your role in your family and give your kids the interaction they need.  Feel good about the time spent together and saying “no” to that 3rd sleepover at a friends house this month! They may fight and argue with their siblings but with your guidance can learn to love. Read More

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