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I love to travel, live overseas, and raise my family in the jungles. I am like you, I need a way to support my travels and also have good health and energy to continue my active lifestyle. I tried all natural, healthy Plexus slim drink one time and realized that this was the best health product out there. I signed up as an ambassador in order to buy the product wholesale price and support my husband and I’s health. I went through the trouble of finding a way to ship it overseas. It’s that good. I then found out how to make money to support my Plexus product by just finding a few friends to buy it. Done. But, then I realized the money making potential and met many people who made lots of money by selling online. Thats where you come in. So many like me, have found a way to pay for traveling through selling Plexus online. Rated the #1 way to make money online by Success From Home magazine 2 years in a row.

success from home
success from home
How do I make money?

earn money with plexus

Put more simply: the more friends, family, and acquaintances who sign up, the more you make.

What is Plexus?

the power of slim
The best health product of all time for helping health illnesses from the inside out. There are many testimonies such as mine of helping with energy, weight loss, fatigue, lowering cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, managing blood sugar, inflammatory issues, skin problems, and more. Their key product being the pink drink once a day.

There are many other great products to try and sell and all purchase have full money back guarantee if you don’t like it after 15 days up to 60! No questions asked.

plexus products

What is the catch? How much is my start up cost?

$34.95. One time payment. This gives you your website to share with others so you can get started today! If you choose the welcome pack (which you should for the excellent discount), then you will pay $100.00 for this great deal. You can use the products there to let friends take a try or sell them yourself!

How do I get my first paycheck?

🌿Go here: Plexus Page
🌿Select “Join Plexus”
🌿Scroll to the bottom and go to Create New Account and click “continue”
🌿Follow all the prompts in filling out your information including SSN. Make sure to hit “verify ssn” or it won’t let you continue
** So it’s going to ask you for your SSN because anything you spend over $100 you’re going to earn 15% cash back, so that’s pretty awesome!
🌿Continue to fill out all your info and make sure when you get to the line under “Sponsor ID” it has my name. If it does NOT then put my ID# 2482034 and then hit verify sponsor.
🌿Create a Username and password as well as a “business site address”. Make sure to hit all verify buttons or it won’t let you continue the checkout process.
🌿 Click on to the next page and this is where you be able to choose your Triplex!
🌿Choose the Triplex Combo Welcome pack
Which will include:
Bio cleanse
And Slim drink “the pink drink”
🌿Add the items to the your cart and continue to the next page
🌿You will need to follow the prompts to set up your “CONVENIENCE” order so you make sure you get your products on time every month in order to stay consistent.
💕 (essentially a “convenient” way to staying on top of your health and mandatory to receiving a paycheck)
🌿Scroll down until you see your Triplex combo pack and click “add to cart”
**NOTE: you will not be charged for this until the following month. You are able to pick the day you want to be charged so your products can arrive on time every month here after**
**there are no contracts & you can cancel at anytime
🌿Continue to the next page and follow the remaining steps concerning payment info. And you are all set! Detail below (to prevent credit card fraud, Plexus has to receive your info exactly like your credit card statement.)
(Make sure this address matches your Plexus billing & shipping address EXACTLY. For example, if your address is listed as “Plexus Street” with your CC company, it needs to say “Plexus Street” in your Plexus billing/ shipping, not “Plexus St.” Or let’s say you live in an Apartment and have “APT.” with Plexus but “Unit” with your CC company – that would flag fraud. Also, your name should match exactly as well. For example, if my CC co. has my name as “Susan McColl” then it should be the same in my Plexus account.)
To read a testimony of how it changed my life: How I Went From No Energy To Explosive Energy
Thank you and please share with someone you know who needs to make more money.

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