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Having Babies Overseas: Tourist Turns Native

Now that we have some old and new friends to join us on our blogging journey, we would like to share a bit of our lives with you!  The most unusual part of our lives is that we have 4 kids all birthed and… Continue Reading “Having Babies Overseas: Tourist Turns Native”

Myanmar Lessons of Simplicity and Beauty

I’m going to take you back to December 2004 to one of the most amazing trips.  We traveled to Myanmar with my first child who was just 4 months old.  From Yangon to Inle Lake, we got to experience traveling with a child for the… Continue Reading “Myanmar Lessons of Simplicity and Beauty”

Family Vacationing Well: Teaching Kids To Persevere

Before you say that we are the worst parents ever! Please know that my son Eli watched this video and gave us permission to use it.  Why? Because he knows what we know.  We’ve all had that kind of a day and often they… Continue Reading “Family Vacationing Well: Teaching Kids To Persevere”

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