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How To Have An Optimistic Family

“Life inflicts the same setbacks and tragedies on the optimists as on the pessimist, but the optimist weathers them better.” Martin E.P. Seligman Are you an optimist, pessimist, or somewhere in the middle?  Do you feel that who you are must be who you…

How To Make Your Next Trip The Best Ever!

Do you have a trip on the books?  Whether you have one scheduled or are thinking about one in the future, you need to read this now! Vacations cost money and time.  Way too often, we see money spent and wasted.  Sure, you may…

How I Defeated My Worst Critic on an Island Far Away

Who would think that a bustling city such as Hong Kong could provide solitude, motivation for life, and a pirates cave to explore? When thinking of Hong Kong, you might picture tall buildings and LOTS of people.  You are right, but there is another…

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