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It’s Okay to Not be Okay: Broken-Heartedness as a Believer

Vulnerability and inspirational healing from a friend who has endured pain and choose surrender: Tallie Thompson There is nothing that makes you feel lonelier than being rejected by someone who you love. Loneliness is one of the Devil’s favorite tools to use against a…

I Chose Faith Over Fear To Accomplish My Purpose In Life

I’m facing fear and contemplating its use in my life.  We’ve chosen a life that exists 6 hours from a hospital,  reliable health center, and airport in a 3rd world countryside.  Why did we choose this life?  We have a calling and this is…

How and Why You Should Live More Naturally 

Mud, bugs, slime, moss, yellow snow:) They all bring a sense of disgust to our faces but why?  When we reflect on our environments one of the greatest changes has been the cleanliness of our environment and upbringing.  What are we doing?  We are…

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