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Saturday Afternoon Picnic

Does it seem too cloudy or cold to head outside? Don’t let the weather hold you and your family back because the benefits of nature are too many to count!  Think about the last time you spent with your family or friends outside.  It… Continue Reading “Saturday Afternoon Picnic”

How Do You Think Your Kids Would Do On A Long Trip?

Take this quiz to find out! https://www.qzzr.com/c/quiz/282868/are-you-kids-good-travelers

Lessons in Bathing an Elephant

What did I learn from bathing an enormous, bristly, wet creature? 1. Peace comes from taking in nature, especially BIG nature. 2. Risk is usually worth it. 3. Kids need it. 4. The more senses you can pull into your experiences, the better. 5.… Continue Reading “Lessons in Bathing an Elephant”

Why Jump When You Can Flip? 

When you get to the edge of your dreams do you step, jump, or flip?

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