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A Christmas Miracle

One of my favorite things about living in Asia, is monkeys.  Many of you watched the video of the “attack of the monkey on my hair.” If not, I’ve included this for your viewing pleasure at the bottom of this post!  But, the sad… Continue Reading “A Christmas Miracle”

I’m Glad I’ve Suffered Because of Love

Suffering hurts but I am glad that I have suffered and wouldn’t change the bad things that happened to me.  I’d like to share why. Suffering has brought friendships deeper and surrounded me with the real friends who truly care and love me. Suffering… Continue Reading “I’m Glad I’ve Suffered Because of Love”

Saturday Afternoon Picnic

Does it seem too cloudy or cold to head outside? Don’t let the weather hold you and your family back because the benefits of nature are too many to count!  Think about the last time you spent with your family or friends outside.  It… Continue Reading “Saturday Afternoon Picnic”

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