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Dirty On The Outside; Clean On The Inside

When we moved to Cambodia, God as He always does, showered us with an unexpected blessing: dirt, less access to medicine, and no processed foods.  Today, we get to reflect on this lesson and share this unexpected healthy lifestyle with you! Our first few…

Probiotics: From Utter Confusion To Master Shifu!

I went to nurse practitioner school 20 years ago.  No-one mentioned Probiotics.  We talked more “pharmacology” like prescribe this, prescribe that for this, and so on.  Those days are over and I’m catching up. I started a Probiotic just 2 months ago.    I…

Overcoming Death From Obesity: Through the Eye’s of A Daughter

I spent my life watching my mother struggle with her weight. Her journey is remarkable and shows God’s love for us.

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