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Dirty On The Outside; Clean On The Inside

When we moved to Cambodia, God as He always does, showered us with an unexpected blessing: dirt, less access to medicine, and no processed foods.  Today, we get to reflect on this lesson and share this unexpected healthy lifestyle with you! Our first few… Continue Reading “Dirty On The Outside; Clean On The Inside”

Probiotics: From Utter Confusion To Master Shifu!

I went to nurse practitioner school 20 years ago.  No-one mentioned Probiotics.  We talked more “pharmacology” like prescribe this, prescribe that for this, and so on.  Those days are over and I’m catching up. I started a Probiotic just 2 months ago.    I… Continue Reading “Probiotics: From Utter Confusion To Master Shifu!”

Overcoming Death From Obesity: Through the Eye’s of A Daughter

I spent my life watching my mother struggle with her weight. Her journey is remarkable and shows God’s love for us.

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