A Welcome Cup

Welcome to A Coffee With Friends!

We are Marc and Ann. Ann is a registered nurse and nurse practitioner.  Marc has a degree in exercise science.  We have spent the past 15 years living in Southeast Asia, raising 4 children, traveling, and beginning an organization to help the rural poor of Southeast Asia. Through this journey, we have learned life lessons and pushed our family to the limit. We want to share the good and bad with you. Life is a journey that is both hard and beautiful, we all need a friend to help us through!

The adventures and misadventures of our life have led us to blog. We welcome you to join us at the coffee table for some honest talk. Our experiences can be the key for you. Let us take you on our travels through Asia, talk about the keys to happiness, discuss the ins and outs of family, and lead you to your success!


We are entrepreneurs and successful at starting and directing an international organization that helps thousands of people.  Let us share with you how we have found success, balance, happiness, and
de-stress in our lives.marc-on-log


Four kids and 20 years of marriage.  The happiness we have found has not come easy.  We want to share our experiences and hear yours!  Happiness, joy, and peace are all attainable.  Through burnout, depression, anxiety, and a nervous breakdown, I can tell you that freedom from these emotional burdens is available for you.  Let me show you the way out!

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14 Comments on “A Welcome Cup

  1. We have a lot in common, I’m interested in your adventures and how you all cope to de-stress. I’m always game to learn something new. Great post and nice site.

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