Family Vacationing Well: Teaching Kids To Persevere

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Before you say that we are the worst parents ever! Please know that my son Eli watched this video and gave us permission to use it.  Why? Because he knows what we know.  We’ve all had that kind of a day and often they happen on a vacation! You know how it goes, we decide to try something new or think that we are in good enough shape and end up either hurting ourselves or just completed exhausted and grumpy.  On this day, Marc thought it would be a good idea to teach Eli mountain biking.  The problem is that this trail had no map or markers.  They got lost, missed out on lunch, and it kinda went downhill from there!

But, as we look back and laugh now, it caused us to reflect on the purpose behind traveling as a family.  When you think about taking a trip, what is the goal?  When kids only know the easy days of lying on a beach, does that help them develop character?  Does that help us develop character? Of course not!  We all want kids who grow up with a strong work ethic, who can persevere, who are resilient, right? But, too often we want to delegate those lessons to others.  Maybe the soccer coach can teach them those lessons.  I do think there is great value in that.  My track coach taught me a lot.  But parents, we are not off the hook.  When I look back to the greatest impact on my character, it has a lot to do with those who raised me.

When I look back to the greatest impact on my character, it has a lot to do with those who raised me.

That being said, plan challenging activities together as a family. Learn these lessons together.  Prayerfully, keep your cool and be prepared to handle frustrations or your child’s frustrations well, with patience and kindness (I don’t recommend taking pictures of them like I did!).

Before I end this post, I don’t want to let my traveling readers down.  As always, I’ve got to take you to an exotic location and this one seems to fit.

On the edge of Cambodia bordering Thailand is the town Koh Kong.  A beautiful location with many activities to challenge a family like waterfalls, trekking, Safari World, and beaches where dolphins feed.  On this day, we explored the Peam Krasaop Mongrove Forests by canoe.

Riding out to the Mangroves watching a beautiful sunset.
Riding out to the Mangroves watching a beautiful sunset.

This trip allowed challenges but the kids handled these challenges better than the mountain biking trip!

Eli climbed through the forest to look for monkeys.
Eli climbed through the forest to look for monkeys.

Often the case is that the oldest siblings end up being the best teacher for the young ones on how to take on a challenge!

She doesn't let a skirt slow her down!
She doesn’t let a skirt slow her down!

What challenging trips have you taken your kids on?  Where could you go to help them face challenges and develop character along with enjoying nature?  Do you fear losing your temper or not being patient enough? I know we do!  Please comment here and also sign up to receive all new blogs. Keep trekking and take the little ones with ya!

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  1. I took my kids to Greece. Each day we explored the island. My kids hated it. They wanted are usual type of holiday where they could ride bikes, play in the adventure parks. Miserable bunch, I’ll save my traveling for when they leave home. 😉

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    1. Lorraine, I have been there! I’m curious if you ask them later what they would say about it. It may not be such a scar reflecting back. I’d be curious to hear what they think of that trip years later! Where do your kids like to travel?

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    1. Thank you and I agree! I have seen REAL and those who want to avoid teaching their children but pay others to do it. I make mistakes as a parent but I know who they become has so much to do with how I raised them!! Do you have kids?

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