Plexus Slim offers 2 types of discounts: Preferred Customer and Wholesale.

The Preferred Customer Discount

How much do I save? Preferred customers save on average 15%.

What’s the catch? You have to click the preferred link when ordering. Also, as a preferred customer, you will be signed up for recurring shipments to help you reach your goals. If you do not wish to continue the recurring shipments, simply cancel after 15 days to keep your discount. It’s that simple to save.

Need to cancel your order? Click Here

 The Wholesale Discount

Special Offer: Get (3) 30 Day Packs of Plexus Slim and Accelerator for the price of 2. How? (scroll down)

How much do wholesale customers save? Wholesale customers save on average 25%.

What’s the catch? You sign up for an annual membership just like Sam’s Club or COSTCO. Plexus Members are called Ambassadors and you get any product you order at wholesale prices. As a bonus, first time members get the product even cheaper with Welcome Packages.

Do I need to sell the product to become an Ambassador? No, selling is not required to be an Ambassador. You will, however, get a website as part of your annual membership and can start selling if you choose.

Why doesn’t everyone get an annual membership to buy the product for less? Most people do not know that you do not need to sell the product to get it for less. Please pass the word about this website.

Can I change my mind and start selling the product? Of course, simply start pointing people to your website. You will need to turn on your autoship qualification to be eligible to receive commission. You will receive a 15% commission for every sale above $100. If you sell over $500 in Personal Volume(PV), your commission will jump to 25%. Click Here to get more details.

Can I get help getting started? Yes, comment here, message on Facebook, or email me.

Let’s get started, as with all things in this journey of life, I will walk with you.

Sign up for the discount of your choice.

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