I’m Glad I’ve Suffered Because of Love

Suffering hurts but I am glad that I have suffered and wouldn’t change the bad things that happened to me.  I’d like to share why.

  1. Suffering has brought friendships deeper and surrounded me with the real friends who truly care and love me.
  2. Suffering taught me that we were created to heal.  That it has a beginning and end and this gives me hope.
  3. Suffering has changed me.  I will never reject a person for their faults or differences.  I have dropped my expectations of others and allowed them to be who they are. I will never allow others to feel rejected but I desire all around me to feel loved.
  4. Suffering helped me embrace everything my senses have to offer each day.  I realize the gift of stepping on soft grass, the smell of a fire, watching waterfalls flow for hours, tasting the sweet, and the pleasant gift of an orchestra.  I’ve come to appreciate all these are gifts to me everyday by the greatest artist of all time.
  5. Suffering strengthened my marriage.  It allowed me to be weak while he was strong.
  6. Finally, suffering made me realize that I was created to love and be loved and anything less was despicable.
Touching an albino porcupine as it slept on my lap.

Have you suffered?  Tell us the lessons you have learned. Are you suffering today? Tell me and I will pray for you.  So many are suffering beyond what I can comprehend and my hope today is to help lift anyone who feels as if it is all meaningless.  Everything about you is meaningful, grande, and important.  You are unique and have a beauty your own!

14 Comments on “I’m Glad I’ve Suffered Because of Love

  1. I’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason, even when we don’t understand why. Our suffering, our anguish only makes the joys higher. Lovely post.


  2. Our pastor recently said it like this, and I’ve held onto it since:
    “Endurance through suffering is a better gift than deliverance from suffering.”

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