What Not To Say To A Person Experiencing Depression!

Lets have some fun and maybe learn a bit in the mean time. I’ve been writing so serious lately and I’m too much fun to keep it up too long. We should always be able to laugh at ourselves. How do we find healing if we can’t break a smile?  Join me for a bit of a laugh and comments will be closed just in case I offend anyone:) Here it is!

What Advice Not To Give To A Depressed Person

“You know, I was sad once too. . .”

“You really need to exercise more!”

“Have you tried. . . ?”

“Why are you depressed?”

“You know its not healthy to have a pity party!”

“Life isn’t fair and the sooner you accept that, the better!”

“You really need to just get out of the house.”

“Are you crying again?”

“I have bad days too!”

“You shouldn’t worry!”

I hope you found the humor in this. To be real, depression is hard for one to understand.  Often the person experiencing it can’t explain it to you because they don’t understand it either. It’s not sadness, laziness, or having a pity party. It’s an exhausting emotional battle that the sufferer wants to turn off if at all possible. I do hope the above laughs help wash us from “foot in the mouth response” that people don’t need to hear!

Now, to end this well.

3 Ways To Help A Person Who Is Suffering From Depression!

Ok, maybe without the licks:)

Encourage them on.  Never stop being a cheerleader.

Music can make the heart sing again. Especially upbeat not serious good stuff like this!

Prayer for your friend and sharing encouraging verses does wonders. But never let that take place of time together with them.

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6 Comments on “What Not To Say To A Person Experiencing Depression!

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  3. Enjoyed seeing these things not to say. I think that so many people have no idea as to what depression is or what depression does to someone who struggles from it daily. Until more people understand depression, remarks such as these will continue. I am blessed that since beginning my blog, I have many friends who are actively learning and trying to understand more about depression. We have got to get the word out there!

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